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            Electric Power Project

            China National Cable Engineering Corporation is an export-oriented industry & trading company professionally engaged in international engineering and projects contracting. Since 1990’s, CCC has started undertaking the electric power projects, including electric power generation, power transmission and substation projects. CCC has elevated its position and was among top 225 International Contractors ranking list in 2002, and it has gained some of the prestigious projects from the Government Sectors and from renowned International companies as Main Contractor and has become one of the leading electric power engineering contractor for its quality and services. CCC has exceptional design & installation capabilities in heavy and major Power Cable Projects and Specialized Services. CCC has the track record of high quality & safety standards and reliability which have made CCC the upfront choice contractor for major Developers, Contractors and Government Sectors across the globe.

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            China National Cable Engineering Corporation was formerly known as “China National Electric Wire & Cable Import/Export Corporation”. The corporation is affiliated as an entity to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (referred as SINOMACH).

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            Add: C2405, Huapu Garden, No.9, Dongzhimen South
            Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100007, P.R.China
            Tel: 86 - 10–84094833 84094873
            Fax: 86 - 10–84094834

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