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            The delegation has accepted the Supporting Power Transmission Pro

            發布時間:2015-12-11 文章來源: 閱讀次數:
              From November 10 to 14, 2015, the delegation of acceptance, composed of the representatives of the General Delegation of Great Works and the representatives from the Ministry of Finance, of Energy and Hydraulics and from the Department of Budget, of Treasury, has approved the final acceptance of Owando-Makoua 30kV line and Makoua 30/20kV substation, and approved also the provisional acceptance of Liouesso-Ouesso 110kV line, Ouesso-Makoua 30kV line and Ouesso 110kV substation.
              The Liouesso project coordinator of the Great Works, Mr. Leon Ibovi has congratulated the acceptance, and the site manager Mr. Joseph Nguenfiri Bale, also the representative of the delegation, praised that the 110kV substation in Ouesso was the most beautiful in Congo.

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