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            Sino-sure Released National Risk Analysis Report and Global Inves

            發布時間:2016-10-08 文章來源: 閱讀次數:
              September 12, 2016 , China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation officially released in Beijing National Risk Analysis Report and Global Investment Risk Analysis Report. The National Risk Analysis Report of 2016 shows that there are 15 countries with Global National Risk Reference Rating up and 13 with down, and 28 countries’ National sovereign credit risk is significant. The Global Investment Risk Analysis Report demonstrates that government defaults and non-traditional security risks at present are the main risks of overseas investment to the enterprises. m5彩票平台注册

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            China National Cable Engineering Corporation was formerly known as “China National Electric Wire & Cable Import/Export Corporation”. The corporation is affiliated as an entity to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (referred as SINOMACH).

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